Hoven mountain peak, Lofoten landscape photography

Best places to photograph in Lofoten, Northern Norway

16 November 2019, by Oana Badiu

Lofoten Islands are a photographer's heaven, with epic mountains, unique fishing villages and rich wildlife! Here are the best places to photograph in Lofoten!

The most photogenic village in Lofoten, Hamnøy

1. Reinebringen viewpoint

Reinebringen, most photographed scenery in Lofoten, Norway

Without a doubt, the view from Reinebringen towards Reinefjord is the most iconic landscapes in Lofoten Islands and the most photographed mountain peak that there is. Starting with 2019, the new sherpa trail has opened, making this magnificent view more accessible to people of all ages. However, with a 400 m near vertical drop, Reinebringen hiking trail is not for the faint-hearted people. Read more about Renebringen hiking trail

2. Hamnøy viewpoint

Hamnøy, most photographed fishing village in Lofoten, Norway

Hamnøy is the most photographed fishing village in Lofoten. This village is positioned at the bottom of a cliff and this famous picture is taken from a small bridge that connects Hamnøy to Sakrisøy. Hamnøy is located at the end of Reinefjord, the most spectacular fjord in Lofoten.

3. Reinefjord, between Hamnøy and Sakrisøy

Reinefjord, most spectacular fjord in Lofoten, Norway

Just on the other side of the bridge from Hamnøy there's the next best place to photograph in Lofoten. I spent 2 evenings in a row admiring this sharp peak of this mountain. Don't miss this beautiful spot while driving through Reinefjord.

4. Kvalvika beach

Kvalvika beach, most photographed beach in Lofoten, Norway

Kvalvika beach is the most photographed beach in Lofoten, thanks to the fact that it's more accessible than others. Ryten hiking trail is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Lofoten and also one of the easiest. Read more about Ryten and Kvalvika beach hiking trails.

5. Reine viewpoint

Reine, best landscape photography in Lofoten, Norway

I have already stated that Reinefjord is the most spectacular fjord in Lofoten, so most of the best places to photograph in Lofoten are located along this fjord. The view from the entrance of Reine is very popular and you shouldn't miss it.

6. Måstadfjellet viewpoint on Værøy island

Måstadfjellet, one of the most photographed viewpoints in Lofoten

Måstadfjellet viewpoint makes Værøy island very popular among photographers. This island is a bit off the normal route of most travellers and only accessible by ferry. Pictures from Måstadfjellet cliffs have been featured in National Geographic websites and magazines, making Værøy island a must visit for photograhers. See more pictures from Måstadfjellet viewpoint.

7. Breivika on Værøy island

Breivika and Skarsursanden beach, Værøy, Norway

Another very photogenic spot on Værøy island is Breivika settlement and Skarsursanden beach. This place looks like it comes straight out of a fairytale and it is probably one of my favourite spots in Lofoten. See more pictures and information about Værøy island.

8. Henningsvær

Henningsvær, photogenic fishing village in Lofoten, Norway

Henningsvær was isolated for quite some time, so it has the most pristine fisherman's village kind of architecture from the entire Lofoten region.

I would say that the road to Henningsvær is the most beautiful road in Lofoten, with steep mountains on one side and small islands on the other side. I recommend to drive this road just a few hours before sunset, when the mountains are all lit up!

Road to Henningsvær, Lofoten

Read more about the beautiful fishing villages in Lofoten.

9. Hoven mountain peak

Landscape photography, Hoven, Lofoten

One of the spots that are less famous, but one of my favourites, is Hoven peak on Gimsøya. Since this is a bit off Reinefjord, it has less tourists, so you'll get to enjoy this amazing view all by yourself. Read more about Hoven hiking trail.

10. Trollfjord and Sea Eagles from Svolvær

Sea eagle safari photography trip from Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway

If you enjoy wildlife photography, especially bird photography you need to photograph the eagles around Raftsundet and Trollfjord. For a bird photographer like myself, this sea eagle safari from Svolvær was a dream!

Mountains of Raftsundet, sea eagle safari from Svolvær, Lofoten

These were my favourite ten places to photograph in Lofoten, however, EVERY place in Lofoten is amazing and you'll probably want to stop every 10 minutes to take a picture!

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