Kilchurn Castle and Loch Awe

Wild Scotland: Best places to photograph from Edinburgh to Oban

07 August 2018, by Oana Badiu

Scotland is one of the best places to visit if you want to be blown away by the awesome landscapes that this country has to offer! Here are the best places to visit and photograph on your way from Edinburgh to Oban!

Kilchurn Castle and Loch Awe

We visited Scotland for a week in mid July 2018. I have to admit that a week was definitely not enough and I wish I could stay there for one month, however we had to do our best in one week. We decided to stay 3 days in Edinburgh and visit the city and try to capture as much as possible of the beautiful landscapes while staying in Oban for 4 days.

Edinburgh's Holyrood Park

Edinburgh was a lovely city to visit, one of my favorites from the whole Europe. There are plenty of other websites that can share what are the top places for a city kind of traveler (pubs are great 👌), so I am not going to go into that. What really impressed me and I think it's a definitely must do is to hike to Arthur's Seat. Arthur's Seat is the main peak of the hills in Edinburgh which form the Holyrood Park. On a beautiful sunny day this is a really nice way to get some exercise and to admire the city from above. I was quite tired after the first part of the hike and I almost turned back cause I thought it cannot get that much better from there, but fortunately I kept going and I was not disappointed! We spent around 3 - 4 hours hiking and admiring the views and for me this was the best part of Edinburgh.

Rays of sunshine over Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat

Holyrood Park and Edinburgh view from Arthur's Seat

Next to the hill there is a small lake called St Margaret's Loch where you can see the reflections of the hill and lots of water birds. I think we could have easily spent one day in Holyrood Park and admire the nature here, so if you like a break from the city life this is the perfect place to go to.

Birds at St Margaret's Loch

St Margaret's Loch

We rented a car from Enterprise Rent-a-Car located in the center of Edinburgh to be able to drive to Oban. The staff here was really friendly and nice! I really recommend this car rental place!

On the way to Oban there are many beautiful places, so here are a few:

The Stirling Castle

This place was quite crowded when we got there and we didn't even have where to park, so we had to settle with admiring the castle from a bit further away. Looked gorgeous!

The Stirling Castle, Scotland

The Doune Castle

This one was a lot smaller castle with a lot less people, however it had a beautiful "back yard" with golden hills and a river.

Doune Castle, Scotland

Doune Castle surroundings, Scotland

Loch Lubnaig

​This awesome spot is located right next to the main street and it looked truly magical (even with clouds covering the hills). Loch Lubnaig definetly deserves a stop!

View of Loch Lubnaig on the way to Oban

Kilchurn Castle

This castle comes with a spectacular view of the Loch Awe and hills round it.

Beautiful view towards the Kilchurn Castle

Loch Awe

Besides the places mentioned above you can always stop to take a picture! In this country it seems that there is always a nice view!

Road from Edinburgh to Oban

Meet also the local residents that Scotland is quite famous for: cows! These ones just came next to the fence all at once and started staring at me.

Cows in Scotland

Take your time and enjoy Scotland's great landscape!

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