Brosmetinden Hiking Trail Near Tromsø, Northern Norway

09 December 2019, by Oana Badiu

Brosmetinden is an easy and very rewarding hiking trail about an hour away from Tromsø. It is located on the island of Kvaløya and it reaches 516 m altitude.

About Brosmetiden Hiking Trail

Brosmetiden height: 525 m, but trail only up to 516 m

Brosmetinden trail difficulty: Easy - Medium

Brosmetinden trail hike: ~ 2 km one way (3.9 km round way)

Brosmetinden trail time: 1 - 2 h

Where is Brosmetinden

Brosmetinden is situated on the island of Kvaløya, about 1h drive from Tromsø. With stunning views and easy access, Brosmetinden is a popular trail for those who visit Tromsø and, for me, it was a great way to start my hiking adventure in Northern Norway.

Getting to Brosmetinden

The easiest and fastest way to get to Brosmetinden trail head is by car. You can easily rent a car from Tromsø for a couple of hours if you need to. The road is quite easy to follow using Google maps or by entering the destination "Brosmetinden trail head", as you can see on the above map.

There are other places to visit on the way here, so I actually transformed this trip into a day trip. One beautiful beach on the way to Brosmetinden is Grøtfjorden where you can stop for a few pictures and a walk on the beach.

You can stop in other places as well and admire the famous fishing villages of Norway. The scenery towards Brosmetinden is beautiful all the way!

Once you turn left from Tromvik there is only a gravel road for about 4 km, but it's ok to go here even with small cars. There is a parking place right next to the trail head. The road continues towards Rekvik, if you want to expand your visit.

It seems that there is also bus 425 from Tromsø Prostneset going to Tromvik, so it would be possible to take this bus if you cannot rent a car, however it seems to not be running very often, so maybe you need to find accommodation near the hiking trail.

Brosmetinden Hiking Trail - Own Experience

As I mentioned above, this was the start of my hiking adventure in Northern Norway and Brosmetinden was the first trail that I tried out. I am not an experienced hiker and I am a little bit afraid of heights, but I had no problem on this trail. I recommend buying some snack and water from Tromsø because there are no shops around. There are no toilets around here either and no trees for cover.

The trail starts out as a nice walk and, once you reach around 200 m, the beautiful scenery starts to unveil.

Continuing on the trail the views just get better and better. The last part of the trail is a bit steeper, but very doable for anyone. I have seen some elderly people on this hiking trail as well. They had sticks to help, but they seemed to do better than me! While we were hiking here there were only a few people besides us and then at some point we got the peak all to ourselves.

Once you get to the top you'll see the actual peak of 525 m, which seems inaccessible. There are gorgeous 360° views.

We visited Brosmetinden on 8th of August and the pictures below are taken around 18:30 (6:30 PM) with the sun still shining bright! The sunset during this time is around 22:30 (10:30 PM), but it doesn't really get fully dark. If you love photography, probably you can hike here at sunset, take pictures and then you have plenty of time to head back down. We decided to visit Norway during August to avoid the crowds and we made a good choice. As you can see from the pictures the weather was great with no clouds in sight!

Brosmetinden is surrounded by stunning mountains on all sides!