Ørnfløya Hiking Trail and Sommarøy Fishing Village Near Tromsø, Northern Norway

11 December 2019, by Oana Badiu

Ørnfløya hiking trail is an easy trail close to Tromsø with incredible views towards Sommarøy and Brensholmen fishing villages in Northern Norway. You can even see the beautiful peaks of Senja from here!

About Ørnfløya Hiking Trail

Ørnfløya height: 154 m

Ørnfløya trail difficulty: Easy

Ørnfløya trail hike: ~ 1 km one way (2 km round way)

Ørnfløya trail time: 30 min - 1 h

Where is Ørnfløya

Ørnfløya is a small hill next to Brensholmen fishing village on the island of Kvaløya in Northern Norway, about one hour drive from Tromsø.

The best way to get to Ørnfløya is by car. On Google Maps just search for "Ornfloya" and you will get 2 spots: one is a mountain peak and one is a parking lot. Just choose the parking lot and you will easily get there. Alternatively you can also use maps.me to navigate to Ørnfløya. Once you get here there is a really small parking place, as you can see from the drone picture below (where the red car is). You can also see the Brensholmen fishing village in the picture.

It seems that you can also take the bus number 420 from Tromsø to Brensholmen if you don't have a car. Brensholmen is a popular destination due to the fact that the ferry towards Senja leaves from its harbour. The bus takes 1 h 20 minutes and it leaves from Tromsø Prostneset station. There are buses going there several times/day, even in the winter time.

If you are planning to continue your journey towards Senja, you can visit Ørnfløya after you have parked at the harbour, while waiting for the ferry. The distance between Brensholmen harbour and Ørnfløya trail head is about 2.4 km and it will take you by foot about 30 minutes.

Ørnfløya Hiking Trail - Own Experience

I really enjoyed this short and easy hiking trail! As you may notice Ørnfløya is only 154 m high, so it's more of a hill than a mountain. The 1 km trail hike leading towards the "peak" is effortless and you actually get to see some really awesome views, even from this low height. Perhaps the most famous of them all is the bridge leading towards Sommarøy fishing village.

We hiked Ørnfløya around 22:00 (10:00 PM) on 7th of August. During our trip to Norway we mostly hiked during the evening and slept during the day because we wanted to catch the sunset. It never really gets fully dark during this time period, even when the sun has set. In the pictures below you can see the village of Brensholmen and Senja's mountains in the distance.

If you're not yet convinced to stop at Ørnfløya, hopefully the pictures below will change your mind.

I recommend also to cross the bridge and visit the beautiful Sommarøy fishing village in the same trip. I had one of the most peaceful and beautiful sunsets here!

The pictures above are taken around 23:30 (11:30 PM)!

On the way back to Tromsø we stopped to watch the sun go beyond the waves. Before this, it had been a while since the last time I watched the sun set straight into the sea. The picture below was taken on 7th of August at 23:40 (11:40 PM).